Digital Marketer Blog Post Highlights Presidential Email Marketing Tactics

Austin, TX (PRWEB) October 21, 2012

Digital Marketer’s trend-covering blog has churned out another post by Managing Editor and lead blogger Josh Loposer, and it covers the email marketing strategy currently being used by our own American President’s campaign.

Loposer writes about the October article that highlights the email being sent to Obama supporters in the final days of campaign donations. In his own words, Loposer feels the campaign has turned to a “guilt” appeal, and is trying to cash in on fear based motivation.

“In Marketing 101,” Loposer says in the blog post, “you learn that there are 3 basic reasons that people buy things: Fear, Gain, and Logic. When you get out into the real world, you realize that — like it or not — Fear is usually the most effective. However, it’s also the most controversial. Fear based marketing can get you sales, but they can also get you hate mail.”

The blog post says that such tactics will likely “rub some people the wrong way,” and perhaps even motivate folks to do the opposite of donating: unsubscribe to the email list.

“Fear/scarcity plays are generally considered highly uncool by those in the advertising profession,” Loposer writes in the post. “Honestly, that’s because most of them are very poorly executed and heavy-handed.”

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